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Cellfood PackOxygen For Life SA has been active in South Africa since 1996.

Oxygen For Life SA, also known as The Cellfood® Company is the Africa global partner distributing Cellfood® in South Africa, the SADEK region and other African countries.

Cellfood® is the leading Oxygen Mineral Supplement that is made from the highest grade quality plant sourced ingredients.

This unique proprietary product is regarded as one of the most comprehensive nutritional supplements in the world. It provides the body with oxygen, hydrogen and a combination of minerals, enzymes and amino acids that are absorbed and assimilated into the body at cellular level for maximum efficiency.

Cellfood® is well researched for efficacy, tested for safety and surveyed. Cellfood® is recommended by healthcare professionals and successfully used in many corporate wellness programmes.

Studies indicate that people suffering from numerous chronic conditions benefit significantly by including the Cellfood® range into their wellness protocol.

Cellfood® for energy, prevention and recovery

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