Ruan van Tubbergh

Ruan van Tabbergh

Ruan van Tabbergh

  • Just over two years old, Ruan van Tubbergh was born on 17 July, 2006
  • Less than eight months later, in March 2007, Ruan was diagnosed with Leukemia
  • His chances of survival are slim, considering the CD10 negative CD19 positive finding, a condition considered internationally, as a very high risk
  • Ruan has undergone Chemotherapy and is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant
  • No member of his direct family are suitable donors, and the South African database has also proved disappointing in terms of a suitable match
  • Ruan’s only chance of survival is investigating a possible match in either Canada or the USA; an extremely costly exercise estimated at around R70,000.00

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