Faces of Hope Foundation

Kerrin Black Founded in February 2008, Faces of Hope Foundation was inspired by two of my friends and my grandparents who were diagnosed with cancer. Faces of Hope enables me to fulfill my deepest desire and passion for giving back to those who have faced cancer and are needing support to battle the dreaded disease. […]

Faces of Hope Online Store

Faces of Hope has launched an online store theses are products that are not only making a difference to the community but also giving back to a percentage of the sales of these items back to Faaces of Hope. This gives meaning when purchasing gifts. Faces of Hope has partnered with a wonderful business and […]

Mccreedy Blue P.A.L Bracelets.

Conor Mccreedy Artist & Entrepreneur & Lianne Landman phenomenal jewelery designer and manufacturer give back and support Faces of Hope through the sale of the beautifully designed P.A.L bracelets. P.A.L is a wonderful initiative started by Conor Mccreedy that will be raising funds to support various affiliat charites to make a big difference . Faces […]