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Film actor, stunt professional, specialized fitness instructor.

Born and raised in South Africa, I grew up with a deep love for exploration and adventure that was further fostered by the wildness of my African upbringing.

Since childhood I knew I wanted to be a story-teller, make believe came easy and my imagination held no limits. That love for storytelling has grown into a passion for creating exceptional content.

I received my training at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and attended the Performing Arts Lifestyle Institute in South Africa before moving out to Los Angeles.

As a professional freerunner and martial artist, I possess a unique set of action skills to complement my acting craft.

As a teacher and practitioner of Parkour, I embrace a lifestyle and philosophy of overcoming obstacles. I am a firm believer in expression through movement, health and vitality that is grounded in functional fitness and clean living. Altruism expressed outwardly through community involvement and service.

“être fort pour être utile”
– be strong to be useful –

Traveling frequently between South Africa and LA allows me to acquire knowledge and skill in the film industry abroad which I am passionate about implementing locally to see the South African industry continue to develop and flourish while breaking new ground.

I invite you to join me on this extraordinary journey, sharing in the adventures and the stories they will yield

I believe that we were put on this earth to make a difference in it, living beyond ourselves in service of something greater. Yet sadly we live in a selfish society today where the pursuit of personal happiness and success trumps all, it is often the highest goal people strive for. But as Ralph Waldo Emerson so beautifully stated when he spoke of success, “…To leave the world a bit better… To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, this is to have succeeded”

Only when we live beyond ourselves do we truly begin to live. There is something divine in a selfless act of kindness, born of love, that reaches out to those in need. Not only does it touch their lives but at the same time it will illuminate your heart and fill you with a joy indescribable. That is the nature of Hope.

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