Little Miss Mission Impossible

Pamela Buckle

Faces of Hope custom made ” CIRCLE OF LOVE RING”  Worn by Little MMI


At heart,Pamela Buckle is a travel and experience blogger; adventurer; radio presenter and gadget gal being dubbed Little Miss Mission Impossible! Travels and unique experiences like exploring volcanoes or flying helicopters all form part of her world. Little MMI is an outdoor, dynamic, inspirational and enthusiastic individual, inspiring both adventure seekers and ‘stuck at home’ individuals to step out of their comfort zones and accomplish suppressed ambitions.


LMMI’s blogs are imaginative and easily accessible with her world consisting of travels and unique experiences, embracing life with her choice of words and laughter! Her passion for ambition covers a wide variety of inventive, fresh, unique and reliable travel and lifestyle ideas, tips and topics that are presented in a free and humourous manner.

The brand consistently provides new avenues that leave readers surprised, entertained and eager to join a Micro Adventure. They are encouraged to share their own personal travel stories online. The brand is playful, believable and trust worthy amongst its readers creating credibility and a travel budgeting info source. This fast paced adventure loving brand guarantees to bring energy to anyone’s technological screen!

Pamela Buckle is a proud brand ambassador for PowerTraveller and Joby! She has also recently been named the brand ambassador for Warrior Race which is an inspiring event getting individual’s outdoors!

“I don’t have the ultimate access card to all life’s inconveniences but I do have passion for ambition!”- Little MMI


“Seeing people fighting for their lives battling cancer is something I know too well. I watched my Grandmother fighting for her own life against the dreaded disease. ‘Faces of Hope’ is more than just a foundation that provides financial support, Kerrin puts her heart into every individual, supporting them every step of the way. The fact that there is someone out there that is willing to help at least one person in this advanced technological world gets my support! Cancer doesn’t need to be seen as a death sentence but rather a challenge that in most cases can be overcome and a person dealing with such a challenge doesn’t need to face it alone! I believe that no matter what the circumstances live like each day was your last!”

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