Lianne Landman

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Lianne Landman

I am an entrepreneur and have a business called the Lianne Landman Collection which specializes in unique leather and pewter woven handmade jewelery sing semi precious stones , sterling silver and pearls.


My collection is handmade in South Africa by the most incredibly talented African ladies who’s wonderful braiding skills were passed down to them from generation to generation. I started by employing one lady out of my garage at home but now a small studio .


I am very excited to be involved in  the P.A.L foundation, founded by artist & entrepreneur Conor Mccreedy. This incredible project does not only aid in the protection of these magnificent creatures but also contributes a percentage of the sale of each MccreedyBlue bracelet to Faces of Hope Foundation and three other of its affiliated charities.


Product & Female Entrepreneurship

I believe that woman strongly have an ever increasing role to play in the business world and particularly to empower other women through this process .



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