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The ‘Iron Lady’ of Personal Financial Planning

Carol is the leading expert in personal financial planning for Baby Boomers, the Gen-Y and the new
Millennials alike.

Founder of the LINKfinity Financial Advice Group and creator of the 5 Step Financial Wellness Recipe, she is also a financial coach and educates groups and individuals alike about financial wellness using her differentiating “secret sauce” developed from years of experience in the insurance, legal and corporate industries and her studies into Human Behavior.

The driving force behind this powerhouse was a pivotal event early in life, when she sympathized with pensioners queuing in the rain for their pension benefit at the Post Office, when she was only six.

This evoked a need to change poverty at retirement forever.

The services she offers her clients allow them to manifest their dreams, mitigate their financial risks and ensure that their business/es contingency planning is in place as well as creating awareness and urgency for retirement planning through on-on-one sessions. She also hosts and speaks at women empowerment functions and business networking sessions.

For her business clients she and her team also offer innovative interactive Employee Wellness activities that not only educate and leave the employees with more knowledge and confidence about their financial wellness, but also provide the company with formal feedback after each session whereby they can analyse the report to spot opportunities to improve productivity and profitability. Carol and her team also invest in the community by educating children in the Foundation Phase about Savings and Budgeting Principles because children are the leaders of tomorrow.

She measures her success against the number of people she touched and coached towards their financial wellness.

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