Behind the scenes of the photoshoot for Faces of Hope & Beadle

Faces of Hope & Beadle had the most incredible photo shoot with the most amazing support and sponsorship and partnerships with Horizen Horse Back, The Ranch Resort, OV &P photography, Conor Mccreedy, Lee- Ann Roberts, Kingsley Heath, GSTAR RAW and Beadle.

Leaving Johannesburg on the 18th of January our photographic crew of 12 departed on a phenomenal road trip to the beautiful Waterberg based in the Limpopo province. We left in the pouring rain and travelled 3 hours to Horizon’s finally arriving at our beautiful destination; thank goodness the rain had long faded. The hard work and fun began as we arrived- we loaded the 4×4’s and headed out to the plains.
Let the shooting and filming begin…

It was truly an out of Africa experience with the beautiful skyline and incredible mountains spanning as far as the eye could see. With the zebras grazing in the background, the air had a sense of peace… we were blessed to be here… to be in Africa. Joining us were the most astonishing horses which roam wildly on the plains.

International Artpreneur and Entrepreneur Conor Mccreedy and international model & personality Lee – Ann Roberts showcased exquisite products such as sandals, belts, bags and accessories of which a percentage of sales go to Faces of Hope. All these products are handmade in South Africa by the community based project Beadle which creates jobs for women and men in rural communities. These products are magnificent made to the highest quality with incredible passion. Faces of Hope has partnered with products and projects like Beadle to not only help raise funds for Faces of Hope (raises funds for individuals who need financial assistance with cancer treatment) but also to assist in the creation of jobs with this project. It’s about selling a product with meaning whilst making a difference.

After all the hard work and fun, the journey of Day 1 wrapped up and everyone had a fantastic time. The evening ended with the most delicious dinner accompanied by some wonderful German guests and followed by a peaceful evening under the African stars- it truly was a memorable day.

Day 2 was a beautiful early morning rise at 4:00am and everyone in the team was up and ready to go with a quick morning coffee.  We headed off to new and picturesque location and natural landscape with inspiring contrasts of shrubbery, trees and plants. We embarked on more photography by two incredibly talented and experienced photographers Dave and Naomi Estiment with two other amazing crew members Jason Hartman and James. We would not have been able to pull this off without you! We had an unbelievable professional team who presented the product! Faces of Hope and Beadle will be incredibly grateful to International and South African Artist and Entrepreneur, Conor Mccreedy who has supported Faces of Hope and is a credible ambassador for our organisation, we are truly blessed to have you a part of this journey. Thank you so much for all you do, you have an extraordinary spirit. Lee- Ann Roberts who supported us in our Cape Town shoot and who flew up from Durban to support and be part of the shoot thank you for doing a great job and for making the shoot so much fun and enjoyable, it was wonderful to have you part of such an amazing weekend. Thank you so much to Zanele Nyembe who joined us on Day 2 of the shoot, you were remarkable and we appreciate your support to Faces of Hope. Maxine Holmes who did the beautiful make up and supported us with her amazing talent and make up skills… thank you!

After a fantastic and very hard morning of work we packed up and headed back to Horizon’s for a wonderful mid- morning brunch which could only be described as a life saver.

Part 2 of Day2: The entire team packed up and headed out on the second part of our trip to The Ranch Resort in Polekwane where we drove through some incredible parts of Limpopo which is not something one can describe. We finally arrived at The Ranch Resort Polekwane and checked into our amazing rooms which overlooked the golf course.
Now it was time for the real adventure to start! We all got ready to for the 2nd part of the days shoot ‘WALKING WITH LIONS’ which was a BIG highlight. We were all briefed with three incredible and very experienced guides at The Ranch Resort. The shoot began with three 4 month old baby cubs which was such an experience with each one weighing in at 85kg.

After a wonderful time of filming & photo shoots with the cubs it was time to walk with the real King of Africa, Mholatsi (Lucky One), Shakira and J LO to complete the shoot. The full crew got to have a once in a lifetime encounter experience. Being close to one of nature’s most amazing and majestic animals is such a spiritual experience. We wrapped up the shoot with some exciting moments as we headed back to The Ranch Resort to freshen up.

The entire crew headed up to the hotel area where we had the most amazing boma dinner. There was a beautifully laid table overlooking the pool area with two fires burning in the background. The food was wonderful with a colorful buffet of desert that one could only dream of. After a wonderful dinner we had the rare privilege of having Jason Hartmen sing for us, such an awesome evening.

After a successful and fun filled evening it was time to head back to club duvet. Thank you to each and everyone for making the shoot such a success. Without you, none of this would have been possible! Thank you to Conor Mccreedy, Tanya & Rupert Baber, Kate Shearer, Tom & Vicki Shearer, Heidi Flint, Naomi & Dave Estiment, James, Jason Hartman, Maxine Holmes, Zanele Nyembe, Lee-Ann Roberts, Frank and all The Ranch Guides all the staff at The Ranch Resort. Your hospitality was amazing. Thank you all for being change makers for Faces of Hope.


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