Becky Larsen


Becky Larsen


From a very young age Becky knew she didn’t want to take the same path as many people around her. She left school at age 15 & began working as a mechanic in a small town in New Zealand. By 18 years old she knew there was bigger & better things out there, so she packed her bags & brought a one way ticket to Australia. Once there she soon realized getting into a male dominated industry on such a larger scale was not as easy for a small girl from a small town, but that didn’t stop her drive & after moving states she continued working in workshops & became leading hand in the biggest smash repairs on Brisbane south side.

Not long ago she came into a problem with having an outfit that didn’t have pockets but needing a secure place to keep her mobile phone, money & keys. That got her thinking about how many other women go about there day wither it’s at work, playing around with young children, doing a trip up to the shops, dressing up to go out to the clubs or even traveling. So after some brain storming with her mum & many hours research she came up with an invention as she likes to call it a women’s tool belt. She then went with her gut and took to big leap to travel & find a manufacture to make her new idea now know as The B Belt.

Becky Larsen is a serial Entrepreneur, Inventor & Founder of The B Belt, Located in Brisbane Australia. She has a passion to help other women of all ages know that they can achieve anything if they have the courage to give it a go. The power of positive mindset has done amazing things throughout Becky’s life & she wants to help others do the same.

Throughout Becky’s life, she has always put others before her & is more than willing to help out someone else in need. After losing to many loved ones at her age, She is now taking the opportunity to join with Faces of Hope to help those that need a helping hand while suffering with cancer.