Candi van der Walt

The Day I Found Out The 7th of November 2014 at 11:00am was the start to a whole new chapter in my life. Not just my life however, all my family and friends. First, let’s take a few steps back: It started with a burning pain in my left breast which came and went, didn’t […]

Addi Lang

OCTOBER AMBASSADOR for FACES OF HOPE FOUNDATION Performers help raise awareness for International Breast Cancer Month during October A time when the battle-weary warriors find themselves in the spotlight. Raising awareness is the goal. Through enormous support from the TV and Film industry Addi Lang owner of Caitlins Casting and WARRIOR created a Public Service […]

Justin Ibbetson

In December 2010 my son Justin Ibbetson (26) was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Between 2010 and 2012 he did numerous chemotherapy treatments as well as a Stem Cell transplant. All was looking good and he was in remission for over a year. In October 2013 he started getting small tumors. Initially there was one in […]

Eddy Rust

Eddy Rust, 35, Brand Manager, Johannesburg Isn’t it interesting how it’s always easy to start talking about someone else? Some of us are really good at that. Myself on the flip side, I have no problem on making myself heard on a subject that is very close to my heart. If you don’t stand for […]

Jannes Eiselen

Jannes was diagnosed with a primary parenchymal pineal brain tumor in 2010 – a very rare and poorly understood cancer. Jannes had experienced unexplainex headaches for years and this had been blamed on diet, eye strain, chronic neck tension, incorrect pillow height and poor posture. His journey to the discovery of the brain tumor would […]

Ilse Mari

Former Big Brother housemate beats lymphoma Diagnosed at age: 33 Ilse-Mari Hanekom (now Hodgskiss), from Big Brother South Africa fame, thought the future looked bright when she got engaged. She was just about hearing wedding bells but instead it seemed fate had something else in store for her. A mere two weeks after her engagement, […]

Chiquita Schram

This is a motto we should all live by!  I am Chiquita Schram, and this is my story! In 2008, I was sailing along without a care in the world, and then the bomb hit!  I was diagnosed with the big C.  Scared and afraid of the unknown.  Little did I know that this was […]

Ndalo Hlatshwayo

My name is Ndalo Hlatshwayo and I’m an 18 year old matric student. I was born in Jo’burg and lived there most of my life until last year when I moved 2 Richards Bay 2 live with my dad. I guess I could call that move a blessing in disguise because if I hadn’t moved […]

Calebs Story – Fighting Hodgkins Lymphoma

Hey, my name is Caleb Keegan. I’m twenty-two years old and I have a zest for life. Soon after I turned fifteen I was unexpectedly diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma – a generally easy-to-treat Lymphatic Cancer. I say unexpectedly because it’s the last thing one would expect at fifteen! Over the past seven years I’ve had […]

Tanya Hunter

Hello, my name is Tanya Hunter, I’m 50 years old, and I have cervical cancer. It was November 2012, I was working in Port St Johns at a lovely lodge.  I had to see the gynae in Umtata, and that was the day my whole world shook. In a flash of an eye, an instant, […]