Addi Lang


Performers help raise awareness for International Breast Cancer Month during October

A time when the battle-weary warriors find themselves in the spotlight. Raising awareness is the goal. Through enormous support from the TV and Film industry Addi Lang owner of Caitlins Casting and WARRIOR created a Public Service Announcement and music videos.

The theme song is FOREVER CHANGED by icon Carrie Underwood and Addi chose this way of saying thank you to her fellow butterflies through WIND BENEATH MY WINGS by Bette Midler which also honours warriors and fallen warriors of all whom have inspired her. Addi has always been a speaking voice for others and this is her greatest test to speak out for herself which is through this campaign. Sponsors include Blue Inc Advertising Agency, Wired SoundStudios, Blue Note Events, S & T Media Solutions, well known performers include Megan C, Emmanuel Castis, Liane Heyl, Paulinah Somo, Melissa Moodley, and 14 year old Shannon Webb (who has just written and recorded her own song all on lead vocals with the rest of Caitlins Casting artistes recorded the backing vocals. Each one of the artistes gave of their time and heart as they have all been touched by loss through cancer.

You never know what life has in store for you, one day you are busy with day-to-day business in the exciting world of acting and TV and film and the next you are facing a life and death drama casting instead of actors, real life doctors and medication to wage a war on your body in a very different type of theatre.
Addi Lang discovered her illness began like most every other day… with enthusiasm, passion and excitement. However, Addi was to hear the dreaded news, there had been a telephone call from the clinic requesting that she see the surgeon. Her blood ran cold, she felt faint and this was the start of every womans nightmare. In time, Addi was able to go from her initial extreme denial to reluctant acceptance, after the mammogram and after having a sentinel node biopsy she would need surgery, so it was to be an axillary lymph node dissection in addition to mastectomy followed by treatment as this was the only option for her survival and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. She is in the process of designing her own range of turbans called BUTTERFLY BLESSINGS and will be sold through BELLA DONNA SCARVES. A tithe will be donated to the Faces of Hope Foundation. Her slogan is forever blessed forever grateful and FOREVER CHANGED