Board Members

John Black

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Faces of Hope Foundation was founded out of the desire to support people with cancer and is developing into a platform that aims to support a wider range of medical and social issues that face the people of South Africa.

I am an Infectious Diseases physician who works in the public health sector in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. This region carries a large burden of both communicable diseases like HIV and Tuberculosis, as well as many non-communicable diseases that include a wide array of cancers. The region is under-resourced and patients face many challenges in accessing healthcare and are often victims of a poorly functioning health system.

My goal is to try and improve the access and quality of health care to patients affected by the multitude of Infectious Diseases through my involvement in building up Infectious Diseases services, conducting operational research and acting as a patient advocate through my involvement with the Faces of Hope Foundation. Many of the diseases faced by patients are due to the poor social circumstances they find themselves in as well as a lack of understanding of what resources are available to them to deal with their disease. Faces of Hope can act as a platform to push patient education and advocacy through partnerships and bridge the financial gap to enable access to equitable healthcare.

Faye Black

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADr Faye Tucker – Faces of Hope Foundation profile
Chronic illness and hospitalization have a profound effect on the lives of all patients but especially the lives of children. Repeated admissions, countless painful procedures and missing out on the wonder and excitement of a normal childhood is a sad reality for children who suffer from chronic medical conditions, be it cancer, tuberculosis or HIV. The families of these children endure a tremendous amount of pain and agony watching their loved one battle with the physical and emotional challenges of their medical condition and its treatment.

I am a medical doctor with a strong interest in pediatrics. I am also a mother of three and understand the trials and tribulations of being a parent. I have a passion for providing holistic healthcare to patients and support for the families involved in the care of their loved ones. Having worked exclusively in the public sector in South Africa it has become evident that all too often patients and their families are not fully educated regarding their condition and the treatment options available. My vision for the Faces of Hope Foundation is that by educating, supporting and advocating for these patients through partnerships with existing organizations, they and their families will understand more clearly their diagnosis and prognosis, be empowered to access the most appropriate treatment available and be emotionally and, if possible, financially supported throughout the journey to recovery.

Helen Playdon Gresham

Helen PlaydonFounder of The Care Co., a management consultancy specialising in business strategy and Wellness, in 2006.  The Care Co. facilitates, coaches and consults to teams and executives within industries such as pharmaceutical, health care, engineering, production, cosmetic, IT, electronics,construction, media and marketing.

Helen grew up in the Eastern Cape on a mountainous animal farm and studied Pharmacy at the University of Port Elizabeth.  She has worked in retail, pharmaceutical industry and hospital pharmacy.  During a 10 year tenure the chemical industry Helen built up 3 companies for Protea Chemicals in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and household sectors, and served on the board in other sectors such as food, petroleum, industrial, paint, plastics, rubber and agriculture.

Helen’s qualifications include a degree in Pharmacy, a Masters in Business Administration and Strategy,and certificates in Marketing and Executive Coaching. Helen is passionate about healthy living and work achievement;  and believes that integrating  the two brings facilitates individuals and companies to reach their full potential. Her hobbies are the outdoors, hiking, dancing, horse riding, yoga, art, travel and experiencing different cultures.

Kerrin Black


Founded in February 2008, Faces of Hope Foundation was inspired by two of my friends and my grandparents who were diagnosed with cancer. Faces of Hope enables me to fulfill my deepest desire and passion for giving back to those who have faced cancer and are needing support to battle the dreaded disease. Not only has this support been to the individual but to the friends and families who too are wanting to offer encouragement. After seeing and meeting so many people who have become a ‘Face of Hope’ and experiencing how financially crippling the cost of treatment is, I felt I needed to do something to assist.

I am an entrepreneur, socialpreneur and have a number of businesses and projects I work on with phenomenal talented individuals. I truly believe in making a difference in the world no matter how big or small and have a passion for people and creating change. My goal and vision is to create a change for the better and make a difference in the lives of many cancer patients and their families whilst simultaneously creating an awareness of the various cancers, symptoms and treatments. I am inspired and touched everyday by all those ‘Faces of Hope’ and am privileged to be a small part of that journey.

Peter Black


Born in Johannesburg, Peter was educated at Michaelhouse and the University of the Witwatersrand where he studied Chemical Engineering. Since then he has been involved in the world of manufacturing with specific expertise in product development and tool making. He is married to Veronica (1972) and has three children: Graham, John, Kerrin.

He has established or been instrumental in the establishment of eight businesses, five of which were his own, two his wife’s and the other a JV with Mega Plastics. One of these was a successful five star game lodge in Limpopo.

For fun he plays golf and loves fishing and birding.


Dr. Georgia Demetriou

Georgia - Copy

Dr Georgia Demetriou is a medical  oncologist working at the Wits Oncology Donald Gordon Medical Centre.
She graduated with an MBChB from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1995.
Dr Demetriou gained her FCP (SA) as a medical oncologist in 2004.
Since 2004 she has been working at the Wits Oncology Donald Gordon Medical Centre as a medical oncologist. She has been involved as an investigator in a number of clinical trials. Her areas of special interest include endocrine,gastrointestinal and breast tumours.

Aen Turner


Aen Turner is a published author, international speaker and the world’s number one authority on creating a Lifetime Legacy Project™.

She was born in Egypt in 1960 and, after two traumatic years following the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, emigrated to the UK with her family in 1969.

Aen spent much of her working life in the Financial Services, IT and Management Consultancy Sectors, creating and managing international relationships, closing £multi-million contracts and realising them into successful projects.

She chose to give that up three years ago to follow and realise her dreams. Since then; she has lived in Italy for 8 months; written and published her first novel “Wadi”, in her Maiden name Aen Hussein; sold her house in the UK to continue her journey free from geography and possessions; spoke at her first event in Rome in Italian and, after meeting JT Foxx at a London event in December last year; is now realising her dream to make a difference in the world by inspiring and enabling thousands of people to realise their dreams and make their difference in the world.

Aen feels that many of us feel this gut instinct to make a difference and this is why we often support a cause by giving it time or money or both. Beyond that, we can create our own project to make a difference to people or communities we feel committed to and this is exactly what Faces of Hope is.

Making our difference by making a difference in other people’s lives, is a beautiful way of connecting with ourselves and our humanity, bringing us new energy, and feelings of peace, prosperity and wellbeing, making a lasting difference in this world and beyond. Aen’s ultimate dream is to be a major catalyst in enabling a world full of peace, prosperity and wellbeing for all.